“Bring forth fruits meet for repentance.”

Judges 2:6-16

We will now return to the Bible narrative.

Judges 2:6

After a good sermon, the fittest thing is diligent practice.

Judges 2:7

Mighty is the influence of good men. Pray that God may preserve to us useful ministers and holy men in the church. They act as anchors to the church, which else might drift into error. How well is it for the good cause that our great Joshua never dies.

Judges 2:8, 9

The best of men must finish their course in due season: even those who live longest die at last, and so must we.

Judges 2:12, 13

Gross infatuation, to leave the true God for idols, the work of men’s hands.

Judges 2:14, 15

Sin must be chastened in God’s people. Even though others transgress with impunity, the Lord’s chosen shall not. Alas! what misery comes of departing from the Lord.

Judges 2:16

He was far more ready to deliver them than to smite them. He delighteth in mercy.

Judges 2:1-5

Judges 2:1

Was not this the great angel of the covenant, even the Lord Jesus? Who could use such language but one who is equal with God?

Judges 2:2, 3

Their sin was to be their punishment. If we will not smite our sins, our sins will smite us.

Judges 2:4, 5

And they called the name of that place Bochim or weepers

Tears will not serve, there must be sacrifice also. Blessed are they who with broken heart compass the altar of the Lord. May the Holy Spirit work in each of us a sacred sorrow for all sin. Amen.


Why, O my soul! why weepest thou?

Tell me from whence arise

Those briny tears that often flow,

Those groans that pierce the skies?


Is sin the cause of thy complaint,

Or the chastising rod?

Dost thou an evil heart lament,

And mourn an absent God?


Lord, let me weep for naught but sin!

And after none but thee!

And then I would—O that I might,

A constant weeper be!


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