“Peace be unto thee, fear not.”


Judges 6:17-32

Judges 6:18

To one person a sign is denied, and to another it is granted. Herein is manifest not only the sovereignty of God, but also his wisdom in dealing with different men in different manners. Gideon had many signs, yet he was not rebuked for needing them.

Judges 6:20

What Gideon meant for a feast was turned into a sacrifice. This was a small matter, so long as the Lord did but accept him.

Judges 6:21

Here was both a token of divine presence and an intimation of what God could do. He could bring fiery courage out of Gideons heart, as well as fire out of a rock, and he could consume Midian as readily as he burned up the cakes.

Judges 6:24

or “the Lord my peace,” in allusion to the Lord’s having said, “Peace be unto thee.”

Judges 6:25, 26

He was at once to set about cleansing his own house. Those who would serve God abroad should begin at home. He was not commanded to dedicate Baal’s grove-temple to God, but to fell it; nor was he ordered to sacrifice to God upon the idol’s altar, but to throw it down: Reformations cannot be too thorough. Unless we down with their nests the foul birds will come back. Gideon had a grand commission which every true believer might rejoice to receive.

Judges 6:27

If we cannot do our duty exactly as we would, we must do it as we can, but anyhow it should be done. Gideon did a glorious night’s work.

Judges 6:28-30

Those who themselves deserved to die for idolatry were in a vast hurry to judge and condemn the son of Joash. Frequently those who themselves are most guilty are loudest in accusing others.

Judges 6:31

His argument was—if Baal be indeed a god he can take care of himself, and if he be not a god, then those who plead for him deserve to die for setting up false deities.

Judges 6:32

Therefore on that day he called him Jerubbaal or one with whom Baal may plead



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