“Shew me a token for good.”

Judges 7:9-25

Judges 7:9-10

See how gently the Lord deals with his servant. He assures him that there is no room for fear, but lest a fear should remain, he removes it.

Judges 7:11

To certain sincere characters, God deigns to give signs and assurances which it might be sinful for others to desire. Because Gideon had so many tokens, we are by no means to expect them, but rather to remember that blessed are they who have not seen and yet have believed.

Judges 7:14

It was a singular providence that one soldier should dream such a dream, that another should give it such an interpretation, and that Gideon should be listening during their conversation. The wonders of providence deserve the careful and adoring eye of the observer. The dream was just what Gideon wanted. He was as despised as a poor barley cake, and yet he should overturn the pavilions of Midian.

Judges 7:15

Note his worshipping under such circumstances. Devotion causes no delay.

Judges 7:19-21

Seeing so many torch-bearers, and hearing so many trumpeters, they reckoned that the army itself must be immense, and being smitten with sudden panic they fled.

Judges 7:23

Those who cannot go first, may do good service if they will come in later and aid the good cause.

Judges 7:24

A wise leader is anxious to reap all the fruit he can from a victory. When we have overcome evil of any kind we must labour to make the success a permanent one.

Judges 7:25

Thus faith wins the day against unnumbered foes. Let us but believe and we shall be established. The Lord is our Captain still, and we shall be more than conquerors.



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