“He giveth power.”

Judges 15:9-20

Samson’s marriage led to a complicated quarrel, during which he burned the standing corn of the Philistines by means of firebrands tied to the tails of foxes, and also slaughtered a great number of his enemies. He then went and dwelt at the top of the rock Etam, but God meant him to do far more for the overthrow of Israel’s enemies, and therefore gave him but little respite.

Judges 15:9

This was probably the valley at the foot of Samsons stronghold, afterwards called Lehi, or the place of the jawbone.

Judges 15:10

The men of Judah had sunk to the condition of vassals, and were forced to be obsequious to their tyrant masters. Sin makes men cowards.

Judges 15:11

O miserable sight, these cowards are friends to their oppressors, and upbraid their best friend. How low were they sunk to talk in this fashion!

Judges 15:12

False brethren are our worst enemies, they will ruin us when our enemies cannot. Beware of hypocrites.

Judges 15:13

Does it not remind us of our Lord bound by those whom he came to deliver, and betrayed into the hands of his enemies?

Judges 15:14

This shout came a little too soon. It was soon turned into a shriek of dismay, and then into the silence of death.

Judges 15:15

The weapon matters little, the force lies in the arm. The Lord can use the weakest to overcome the strongest.

Judges 15:16

Like our greater champion, who exclaimed, “I have trodden the winepress alone, and of the people there was none with me.”

Judges 15:17

Or the casting away of the jawbone.

Judges 15:18

Samson knew how to pray and to pray in faith too: this was all along the saving point in his character.

Judges 15:19

But God clave an hollow place that was in the jaw or in the place called Lehi or Jawbone

En-hakkore the fountain of him who prayed

which is in Lehi or the place called Jawbone

God, who helps his servants in great matters, sometimes allows them to be greatly tried by comparatively smaller trials, for an exercise of their faith. But he will not leave them in the minor difficulty. Where fell the jawbone from the hero’s hand, there rose a refreshing fountain to quench his thirst. God is never at a loss for supplies. We have but to trust him, and we shall do great things, and. receive great things.

Judges 15:20

By his personal prowess he turned aside Israel’s enemies, and established a settled government, God intending in his person to shew Israel how he could make one man chase a thousand, and two put ten thousand to flight.


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