“Our God is in the heavens.”

Psalm 115

The mournfully ludicrous picture of idol-worship afforded by our two last readings, leads us to adore and worship the one only living and true God, who has revealed himself to us as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, our God in covenant, whom alone we reverence. Let us read the devout song of the Jewish church contained in

Psalm 115:1

When in trouble, we can find no plea for help in ourselves, but must be humbled, and appeal only to the mercy and faithfulness of God.

Psalm 115:2

Saints draw arguments from the blasphemies of their enemies, and these are prevalent with God.

Psalm 115:3

However much the ungodly may rage, God sits upon the throne, they cannot thrust him from the seat of power; and, moreover, amid all their riot the Lord achieves his purposes, and in every jot and tittle his decrees are fulfilled. Sweet comfort this.

Psalm 115:4

At the very best this is all the idols are, mere masses of metal. What scorn is here poured upon the sacred images! The next sentences are grimly sardonic. Idols are not to be reverenced but despised.

Psalm 115:7

Though their features are meant to represent various attributes of power, they are only so many falsehoods, for an eye that cannot see is a poor emblem of knowledge, a mouth which cannot speak is no symbol of eloquence, and hands which cannot move are a mockery, rather than an ensign of power.

Psalm 115:8

They are as gross and ridiculous as the images they adore.

Psalm 115:11

Thus trust in God is the duty and privilege of all sorts of saints, in all places.

Psalm 115:12

The past ensures the future, since our God changes not;

Psalm 115:13

A precious word of comfort for the little in years, in substance, in ability, and in grace; they are not and shall not be forgotten, when God blesses his chosen.

Psalm 115:14

Believers shall be multiplied, the chosen race shall increase.

Psalm 115:15

And this is true, whatever men may say, or providence may appoint. Rejoice in it, ye righteous.

Psalm 115:17

So far as this world is concerned, death ends human praise: let us then resolve to bless the Lord as long as we live, according to the resolution of the next verse.


Formed by human hands, behold

Gods of silver, gods of gold;

Worship unto these they pay,

Unto these bow down and pray.


Mouths have they, yet not a word

From their speechless lips is heard;

Eyes they have, yet blind are found;

Ears,—but cannot hear a sound.


They as void of sense appear,

Who these senseless idols rear;

All who trust in them for aid,

Miserable dupes are made.


Israel, trust thou in the Lord;

He alone can help afford:

Make Jehovah’s name your shield;

Sure protection he will yield.


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