“From all your idols will I cleanse you.”

Psalm 106:34-48

We find the whale history of the book of Judges summed up in brief in

Psalm 106:34-48.

Psalm 106:34

This was their root sin, out of which all the rest of their faults arose. They were led into Canaan on purpose to execute the criminal nations, and they were either too idle, too timid, or too rebellious to carry out their office. Hence all the sin and sorrow which followed. No man can calculate the evils which may spring from the loins of one act of disobedience. If we leave one sin in our nature unsubdued, it will plague us terribly. O for grace to make thorough work, and perfect purging. Only the Holy Spirit can aid us in this.

Psalm 106:35

Companionship leads to imitation. We cannot live with the wicked without feeling their influence. Those coals which do not burn us may yet blacken us.

Psalm 106:36

The heathen worship was sometimes tasteful and enticing, and it was frequently licentious and fascinating to the flesh, and so by their tastes and their passions God’s own people were entrapped.

Psalm 106:37, 38

These sacrifices were the culminating point in idolatrous worship, and they were also the most horrible of crimes. What a miserable fact, that a people who had known the Lord should fall so low as to murder their innocent babes at the shrine of demons! Is not human nature capable of the worst imaginable crimes? Could even devils perpetrate worse enormities than these?

Psalm 106:40

Looking upon their loathsome deeds he loathed them, and determined to let them feel that he would not endure sin even in his own people. Sin was worse in them than in others, for they knew better, and were under the most solemn bonds to act better.

Psalm 106:43

See the longsuffering of God to deliver them many times, though they returned to their wickedness. Have we not tasted of the same great mercy?

Psalm 106:45

How beautiful is this language! How it sets forth the tender heart of God! O God, who can pardon as thou dost? Who but thyself would keep covenant with such a people? What multitudes of mercies were expended in covering such multitudes of sins! As in a looking-glass, we may here see our own lives, and it is enough to bring the water into our eyes, as with mingled shame and gratitude we gaze upon our own portraits.

Psalm 106:46

He who brought water out of flints, made even their oppressors sorry for them, and ere long he found means to deliver them.

Psalm 106:47

Thus in after ages other captives profited by the history of ancient times. We should do the same. Let us now join in the doxology which concludes the psalm.


Save, O our God, thine own elect,

From heathen lands thy sons collect;

We to thy holy name will raise

Our songs, and triumph in thy praise.


Blest be Jehovah, Israel’s Lord!

His name be evermore adored!

Amen, let all the people cry!

Praise ye Jehovah, God Most High!



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