Simple Method Of Studying Key Verses

How would you like a simple method of studying key verses in the Bible?


First, copy the verse from one or more versions of the Bible. Write it under the heading VERSE FOR STUDY


Second, under the heading MESSAGE, write out in your own words what the verse says – what it commands, teaches, warns of, or promises.


Third, look at the verses immediately preceding and following the verse. These are known as the context of the verse. Under the heading CONTEXT, record first the thoughts added by the verses preceding your study verse. Record the thoughts added by the verses following the study verse.


Fourth, record the questions that the verse raises in your mind, or the problems you think it might pose for yourself or someone else. These can be recorded under the heading QUESTIONS.


Finally, APPLICATION: Describe one specific way you can change your attitudes or actions because of the teaching of this verse.


Suggested verses to study:


Matthew 4:19 (18-20) – Follow Christ


Matthew 5:6 (5-7) – Hunger for Righteousness


Matthew 5:11 (10-12) – Persecution


Matthew 5:44 (43-45) – Love your enemies


Matthew 6:6 (5-7) – Prayer


Matthew 9:37 (36-38) – Laborers


Matthew 23:11 (10-12) – Spiritual coldness


Matthew 28:19 (18-20) – Make disciples


Romans 1:16 (15-17) – Not ashamed of the Gospel


Romans 1:22 (21-23) – Becoming fools


Romans 6:13 (12-14) – Offer your bodies to God


Romans 8:34 (33-35) – We are not under condemnation


Romans 12:15 (14-16) – Empathy


Romans 15:2 (1-3) – Build others up


Galatians 4:2 (1-3) – Humility


Galatians 4:30 (29-31) – Do not grieve the Holy Spirit


Galatians 6:2 (1-3) – Carry each others burdens


Galatians 6:8 (7-9) – What you sow, you reap




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