“The Lord be with you all.”

Ruth 1:19-22

Ruth 1:19

She had been absent ten years, but her character in her better days had stood high with the people; and therefore they were glad to see her return, though they wondered at her poverty. Her many griefs may have so altered her that even her former acquaintances asked, “Is this Naomi?” Such changes may come to us: may faith and patience prepare us for them.

Ruth 1:20

Naomi sweetness or pleasantness

Ruth 1:20

Mara or bitter

Ruth 1:20

God can soon change our sweets into bitters, therefore let us be humble; but he can with equal ease transform our bitters into sweets, therefore let us be hopeful. It is very usual for Naomi and Mara, sweet and bitter, to meet in the same person. He who was called Benjamin, or “the son of his father’s right hand,” was first called Benoni, or “the son of sorrow.” The comforts of God’s grace are all the sweeter when they follow the troubles of life.

Ruth 1:21

When she had her husband, and sons, and property, she was full, and went her way to a foreign land, perhaps wrongly; but now she was bereft of all, she felt that God was with her in her emptiness, and had himself brought her back

Ruth 1:21

It is most wise to observe and own the appointment of God in all that befalls us. Naomi here kissed the rod, and the hand which smote her. This is a most fitting spirit for a chastened believer, and our Lord is the great example of it, for he cried, “The cup which my Father hath given me shall I not drink it?”

Ruth 2:1-7

Ruth 2:1

If it was good for Naomi to have a wealthy relation, how blessed it is for poor sinners to have a rich kinsman in the person of the Lord Jesus.

Ruth 2:2

These good women were not ashamed of honest and humble labour. They did not take to begging, or idling; but desired to eat the bread of industry. Ruth had been a wealthy lady, but she was not above working to support her mother and herself.

Ruth 2:3

It seemed to her a chance, but the hand of the Lord was in it, and directed her to the very best place to promote her future prosperity.

Ruth 2:4

What a blessing when master and servants commune together on such holy terms. Is not this holy fellowship a very scarce thing?

Ruth 2:5-7

Boaz was a good master to his servants, and he was also kind to the poor; those who excel in one direction are generally excellent in others. Happy was Ruth to come in the way of such a man. She had given up all for God, and the Lord took care of her. She was busy in the path of duty, and Gods love was watching over her.


God is love, his mercy brightens

All the path in which we rove;

Bliss he wakes, and woe he lightens;

God is wisdom, God is love.


Chance and change are busy ever,

Man decays and ages move;

But his mercy waneth never;

God is wisdom, God is love.



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