“Fear not, for I have redeemed you.”

Ruth 4:1-17

By the advice of Naomi, Ruth claimed the protection of Boaz, and he at once engaged to take her in marriage, provided the person who was still more nearly akin would waive the right which the Jewish law gave to him. This was brought about and publicly arranged after the custom of the times.

Ruth 4:1, 2

Then went Boaz up to the gate where the court of justice was ordinarily kept

Ruth 4:1, 2

To see that everything was done according to law.

Ruth 4:3, 4

This he said, not knowing the condition attached to the purchase.

Ruth 4:5

Thou canst not have the land without taking the wife of the deceased, and then the children which thou mayest have will be reputed the children of Mahlon, thy deceased kinsman.

Ruth 4:6

Precisely what Boaz desired to do.

Ruth 4:7

This law will be found in detail in Deuteronomy 25; it was ordained in order that no family might die out in Israel. May God grant that this household may never cease to be represented among the Lord’s people.

Ruth 4:13

Thus was her self-denying faith rewarded. She left behind her both relatives, country, and prospects, to cast in her lot with the Lord’s people, and the Lord not only blessed her, but blessed distant generations through her. Those who follow the Lord at all hazards shall be no losers in the long run. To increase Ruth’s joy and crown her happiness, the Lord gave her a son, which son was also a joy to Naomi.

Ruth 4:17

Thus to point out the line of David, and so of our Lord Jesus this book was written. All the Scriptures are intended to lead us in faith to the great Redeemer. God grant that they may not miss their design in our case.


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