Your word hath quickened me

Psalm 119:49-64

Before beginning the book of Samuel we will take another portion from David’s Holy Alphabet—the hundred and nineteenth Psalm. Luther prized this Psalm so much, that he declared he would not take the whole world in exchange for a single leaf of it. May the Holy Spirit impress it upon our hearts while we read it.

Psalm 119:49

The Christians hope is wrought in him by the Lord himself and it is based upon the infallible word of God; hence it is a sure hope which will never make him ashamed; for the Lord will certainly remember and fulfil his promises. Yet he does this in answer to prayer: therefore we must plead the handwriting of the Lord.

Psalm 119:50

Good men have their afflictions, and their best comfort under them is quickening grace. Instead of praying, “Lord, remove the trouble,” we should cry, “Lord, quicken me through thy word.”

Psalm 119:51

He refused to be laughed out of his religion. Mans jeers are scarcely felt when the Lord Jesus smiles upon us. If we decline from holiness because bad men laugh, we shall make good men

Psalm 119:52, 53

A holy heart is horrified at sin, at sinners, and at the sinner’s doom: those who think lightly of other men’s sins will soon sin lightly themselves.

Psalm 119:54

The Bible is the believer’s song-book, and sweet. to his ear are its psalms and hymns. Let us all sing more, and complain less.

Psalm 119:55

Singing is for the day, and remembering is for the wakeful hours of night, and in this way the godly make the whole twenty-four hours holiness unto the Lord.

Psalm 119:56

Holy songs and devout memories are the fruits cf obedience. Many other comforts come to us as rewards while we keep in the right road.

Psalm 119:57

The Lord gives himself to us, it is but meet that we should resolve to give ourselves to him.

Psalm 119:58-60

Have we done the same? Is there no neglected duty? In obedience to God, whatever haste we make we shall not be hasty.

Psalm 119:61-63

Those who love good company have some good thing in their own hearts. We ought to choose those for our companions with whom we should be willing to dwell for ever and ever. An aged woman once said, “I cannot believe that the Lord will shut me up with the ungodly, for I have never loved such company. His people have been my friends on earth, and I expect to dwell with them for ever in heaven”

Psalm 119:64

We are full of wants, and sins, and sorrow, therefore it is beyond measure consoling to learn that the Lord has filled the whole earth with his mercy. Let us seek mercy in the most practical form, by asking him graciously to teach us how to live in his fear.


Behold thy waiting servant, Lord,

Devoted to thy fear;

Remember and confirm thy word

For all my hopes are there.


Thou art my portion, O my God,

Teach me thy righteous way;

My heart makes haste to obey thy word,

And suffers no delay.


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