“Thy law is my delight.”

Psalm 119:65-80

We will take another draught from the overflowing well of David’s ever fresh and sparkling Psalm. May the Holy Ghost make it really refreshing to us.

Psalm 119:65

Blessed be the name of God, our Father, this is most joyfully true. Some of us here present can say, “Amen, Amen.” Every promise has been fulfilled in its season. We have served a good Master and loved a faithful God. Alas! we have not dealt so well with him as we ought to have done.

Psalm 119:66

One of the Reformers, in a public discussion, was observed to write upon a paper before him. His friend wished to see the notes which had so much helped him, and was surprised to find that they consisted simply of these brief prayers, “More light, Lord; more light, more light.” This is just what David asked for, let us seek the same.

Psalm 119:67

Sweet are the uses of adversity; it pens in the sheep so that they cannot wander as before.

Psalm 119:68

It is the nature of goodness to communicate itself, therefore does the psalmist beseech the good Lord to show him how to be good.

Psalm 119:69

He would answer their calumnies in the most effectual manner, by living them down.

Psalm 119:70

They suffered spiritually from fatty degeneration of the heart, and were doltish, gluttonous, lifeless; David made them a warning to himself, and all the more delighted in the law of the Lord.

Psalm 119:73

Thou hast made me, be pleased to new-make me. I am thy work—complete me: I am thy harp, tune me; I am thy child, teach me.

Psalm 119:74

The grace experienced by one believer cheers others; indeed a good man is always a son of consolation to his brethren. He who comes forth perfumed with the spices of God’s word, imparts delight to all with whom he associates.

Psalm 119:75

This we may be quite sure of, but we are apt to forget it when we are on the bleak side of the hill.

Psalm 119:76

The phrase, “according to thy word,” shows us that we should in prayer plead the very words of God, laying our fingers upon them, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, beseeching the Lord to be as good as his own promise. Rest assured he will never deny himself. He is not the son of man that he should repent.

Psalm 119:77-78

Under persecution the Psalmist ran at once to the Word. Never begin to argue, or grow angry, but run to your Father in heaven, when men upon earth do you wrong.

Psalm 119:79, 80

Make thy children willing to help me, and to be helped by me. Let me be a magnet to gather good company, not a besom to sweep them away. May I cultivate love and promote unity; yet not at the expense of truth, therefore do I pray—


Father, I bless thy gentle hand;

How kind was thy chastising rod;

That forced my conscience to a stand,

And brought my wandering soul to God!


Foolish and vain I went astray,

Ere I had felt thy scourges, Lord;

I left my guide, and lost my way;

But now I love and keep thy word.


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