“Correct thy son, and he shall give thee rest.”

1 Samuel 2:12-26

1 Samuel 2:12

Yet they were priests and teachers of others. Sad was it for the people to have such ministers. Let our hearts go up to God in gratitude for the great blessing of holy teachers, who practise what they preach. Eli’s sons were worse than the worst, when they ought to have been better than the best of common men.

1 Samuel 2:13, 14

Not satisfied with the breast and shoulder, which were the perquisites of the priests, according to the divine law, they seized a part of the offerer’s share of the flesh, and took it before the Lord’s portion had been burned upon the altar.

1 Samuel 2:15-17

Godly people were shocked by such profane greediness, and were grieved by the rudeness of those who ought to have acted with holy courtesy. If ministers become haughty, domineering, and self-seeking, the people will soon loathe the worship. All this involved Eli’s sons in great sin.

1 Samuel 2:18

It must have been a lovely sight to see the little lad actively engaged in the service of God, wearing the livery of the Great King.

1 Samuel 2:19

Remembering that while Samuel was little he could render no very useful service to the tabernacle, she undertook the expense of his clothing, and thus showed both her care for the Lord’s house and her love for her dear boy.

1 Samuel 2:21

But while this holy child was living near to God, Eli’s sons went from bad to worse, till at last Eli spoke to them of their great sins.

1 Samuel 2:23-25

They had gone so far that the Lord had resolved to destroy them, and therefore would not grant them grace to repent. Eli ought long before to have put an end to the wickedness of his sons by far stronger measures. Such a tame rebuke as this, which came so late in the day was of no use whatever. Had he chastened his sons betimes, he might have saved their characters and their lives. Children should be grateful for parents who will not let their sins go unpunished. It would be a dreadful thing for a curse to come upon a family, because the sons and daughters were not restrained from sin. A dear little girl who died believing in Jesus affectionately thanked her mother on her death-bed for all her tender love and then added, “But, dear mother, I thank you most of all for having conquered my selfwill.” Children sometimes think their parents needlessly severe, but when they grow up they will bless them for not indulging them in sin.

1 Samuel 2:26

A sweet way of growing, but to do this a child must be gracious, obedient, and kind.


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