“Whom He did predestinate, them He also called.”

1 Samuel 3:1-18

1 Samuel 3:1

Samuel is said by Josephus to have been about twelve years of age at this time, and so was like our blessed Lord, who at that age said, “Wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s business.” How charming a sight is a young child serving the Lord.

The sin of the priests and people had made prophetic visions to be very rare.

1 Samuel 3:2-4

God calls his servants when he pleases, and it is well for them to be able to reply, “Here am I.” Whether it be for duty or suffering, the true child of God says, “Here am I.”

1 Samuel 3:7

He did not know the Lord in a prophetical manner, or with the clearness which he afterwards received, but doubtless he was already a godly child.

1 Samuel 3:8

How lovely was the conduct of Samuel, so simple, so obedient. O that all children were so.

1 Samuel 3:10

When God speaks to us, a hearing ear is a great mercy; but a heavy ear is a sad judgment.

1 Samuel 3:11-14

Their day of grace was over, and their doom was sealed. What a warning to those who trifle with holy things, and turn the grace of God into licentiousness as these men did.

1 Samuel 3:15

He was not puffed up by having seen a vision, but went about his daily work, even as our Lord returned from Jerusalem with Mary and Joseph, and was subject to them. Holy children are always humble.

1 Samuel 3:17

Eli had a wounded conscience, which made him fear something terrible even when the Lord spake.

1 Samuel 3:18

A heavy task for a boy, but grace made him do his duty.

Eli was wrong with his sons, but he was right with God. We must admire the aged man’s holy submission, and imitate it.


‘Twill save us from a thousand snares,

To mind religion young;

Grace will preserve our following years,

And make our virtues strong.


Let the sweet work of prayer and praise,

Employ our youngest breath;

Thus we’re prepared for longer days,

Or fit for early death.



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