“Hitherto has the Lord helped us.”

1 Samuel 7:1-13, 15-17

1 Samuel 7:1

Thus the candlestick was removed from Shiloh, but the candle shone on far more brightly than before.

1 Samuel 7:2

This was a happy sorrow. Whenever men lament after God he will soon appear unto them. It should be the business of any of us who have not yet found Jesus, to sigh and cry after him till he appear, and it will not be long before he looks upon us in love. God had already come back to Israel when the people lamented after him, and when a soul sighs for the Lord, the Lord is with it already.

1 Samuel 7:3, 4

Their repentance would have been all in vain if it had not been practical. Men cannot keep their sins and have their God; no man can serve two masters.

1 Samuel 7:7

Yet they had no cause for fear, now that God was reconciled. He who is at peace with God should be fearless.

1 Samuel 7:8

This was a wise speech, and shewed that they had faith as well as fear. Faith in God gave them faith in the power of prayer.

1 Samuel 7:9

True repentance, prayer, and faith in the great sacrifice, must win the day.

1 Samuel 7:12

Samuel won that battle on his knees, and afterwards he recorded with praise what he had won by prayer. Praying men are not ungrateful when their intercession prospers.

1 Samuel 7:15, 16

God does not cast off faithful servants when they grow old, neither do they ask for a retiring pension and for leave to be idle. O to serve God from our childhood to our hoar hairs! May such grace be given to the young members of our family.


I my Ebenezer raise

To my kind Redeemer’s praise;

With a grateful heart I own

Hitherto thy help I’ve known.


What may be my future lot

Well I know concerns me not;

This should set my heart at rest,

What thy will ordains is best.


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