“They have forsaken me, the fountain of living waters.”

1 Samuel 10:1, 17-27

1 Samuel 10:1

It has been remarked that only a vial of oil was used, and not a horn as in the case of David; this seemed to foreshadow the shortness of Saul’s reign, and his own want of the plenteous grace of God.

1 Samuel 10:17-19

This is only one form of a common evil among the Lord’s people; they cannot walk by faith pure and simple, but want some intermediate arm to lean upon; they are not spiritual enough to rest content with the invisible God. Providence is not enough for many, they must have visible treasure; neither are they satisfied with the Lord’s aid, but cry out for an arm of flesh. To such the Lord often sends that which they seek for, and it becomes a plague to them, just as Saul became rather a curse to Israel than a blessing. When we pray we ought ever to say, “Not as I will, but as thou wilt,” lest the Lord should answer us in anger, and give us the desire of our hearts to be a solemn chastisement for our presumption.

1 Samuel 10:21

He knew from what Samuel had done to him, that the lot must fall upon himself but he was modest or else fearful to undertake so weighty a business. Crowns are heavy things, and make the wearers’ heads ache full often; Saul was by no means to blame for hiding from so burdensome an honour. If men knew the trials of the great, they would cease from ambition.

1 Samuel 10:22

God knows where we are. Let us never dream of hiding from him. We are like bees in a glass hive, and all we do he observes.

1 Samuel 10:23

The kind of man to impress the populace and command respect. They might well look up to one who was taller than themselves by his head and shoulders.

1 Samuel 10:25

Saul was to be monarch under God, and to govern constitutionally. The book was the nation’s Magna Charta.

1 Samuel 10:26

They saw God’s hand in Saul’s choice, and stood by him.

1 Samuel 10:27

No man may hope to please everybody. The man whom God himself points out, is not the man for disaffected people. Saul was of good family, of noble stature, modest and unassuming, but all these things went for nothing with the malcontents. May none of us ever belong to that evil class of persons, who are always in opposition, always faultfinding, never willing to work with anybody. This is not the mind of Christ, nor the fruit of the Spirit, which is ever peaceable.

1 Samuel 10:27

This was a very sensible course of action. The man who can be quiet will defeat his enemies. Be not hasty to defend yourself, or answer slanderous tongues. Stand still, and see the salvation of God.


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