“Salvation belongeth unto the Lord.”

1 Samuel 17:1-12, 14-18

1 Samuel 17:1

Israel had sinned, and her king had cast off his allegiance, and therefore chastisement came. God. has the hearts of wicked Philistines in his hands, and can move them to be a scourge to his offending people.

1 Samuel 17:2, 3

For forty days they remained gazing upon one another. O, had Israel been faithful to her God, she would soon have been delivered, for then the promise would have been fulfilled, “five of you shall chase an hundred, and an hundred of you shall put ten thousand to flight.” When God is gone, the strongest are as weak as water.

1 Samuel 17:4, 5

whose height was six cubits and a span or about ten feet.

1 Samuel 17:10

Goliath is called “the champion,” or, in the Hebrew, the middle-man or Mediator, he typifies Satan, our great enemy. Where could we have found another Mediator to meet him if the Son of David had not stood in the gap?

1 Samuel 17:11

Time was when Saul, who was himself gigantic, would have accepted the challenge, but when God departs from a man he becomes a coward. “Without me ye can do nothing,” is a great truth. Many have learned it to their sorrow.

1 Samuel 17:12

When made feeble by old age it is a great blessing to have vigorous sons to fill up the ranks of the Lord’s army. O ye young men, fill the places of your godly sires.

1 Samuel 17:14, 15

Probably he had long before left the courts of Saul for the solitude he loved so well, just as our Lord after going up to the temple went back to his parents, and was subject unto them.

1 Samuel 17:16

Even as for forty days Satan tempted our Lord.

1 Samuel 17:17, 18

The great Antitype of David visited his brethren below, his Father sending him to us with heavenly food, and messages of love. Alas, like David, he met with a churlish reception, “he came unto his own and his own received him not.” The Lord grant that in our hearts he may ever find a welcome.


O Son of Jesse come

Into our camp to day;

Bring with thee much-loved food from home,

And bear our pledge away.


Goliath’s threatening words

Oft make thy people fear;

Vain are our numbers, and our swords,

Till thou art with us here.


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