The Consequences of Jealousy

Romans 13:13

In learning about the nature of jealousy, perhaps you realize that you do, in fact, struggle a bit with this problem. Maybe you envy a friend, neighbor, or coworker in a way you’ve never really considered. If so, it’s important to recognize this is a danger in your life that must be addressed.

As we realize how envy corrupts various aspects of our life, we can learn to identify when we have a problem. Prayerfully review this list of some consequences of jealousy:

Fear. You’re afraid of not getting what you want or of losing what you have.

Competitiveness. You aggressively strive to outperform others.

Critical spirit. Undermining the success of others becomes a goal.

Comparison. You measure your success against others’ accomplishments.

Divided mind. Someone else’s success becomes a constant distraction.

Anger. Hostility is a natural product of jealousy and bitterness.

Insecurity. You never feel as if you have enough, because you place a higher value on what someone else has.

Lack of peace. Jealousy and peace can stand in opposition to each other; you simply can’t have both.

Illness. Emotional turmoil can take a toll on physical health.

Remember that jealousy is a land mine that maims or destroys whoever triggers it. However, recognizing its destructive consequences may encourage you to remove this issue in your life. Then, with the Lord’s help, you can begin the journey toward healing and restoration.

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