“My soul hath kept Thy testimonies.”

1 Samuel 17:55-58

1 Samuel 17:55, 56

Yet he ought to have known his former minstrel. Great men have usually bad memories towards those who serve them. David’s appearance had much changed, and the king too was almost insane when he last saw him; and, therefore, was not likely to remember him. To this day the Jews cannot answer that question concerning Christ “Whose son is he?” The blind world, looking for an outward glory, does not recognise the Son of the Highest.

1 Samuel 17:57, 58

Hard is it to be honoured with such a victory, and yet remain humble. David showed his greatness as much after the fight as he did before and in the conflict. Had Saul been a man of truth he would have given the youthful hero his daughter’s hand, and every other possible reward.

1 Samuel 18:6-16, 28-30

1 Samuel 18:6, 7

When our Lord returned triumphant over death and hell, leading captivity captive, the heavenly ones praised him in their songs. Do not our hearts also exult in the conquests of Immanuel our King?

1 Samuel 18:8, 9

Envy, first- born of hell, whom wilt thou not assail! The modest behaviour of David ought to have protected him from Saul’s bitterness. We need not wonder that the old mania came back to Saul. He who admits an evil temper into his heart, must not marvel if a melancholy spirit enters with it to haunt the chambers of his soul.

1 Samuel 18:10-15

We might have expected to find David afraid of his powerful enemy, but the case was reversed. The wicked flee when no man pursueth, but the righteous are bold as a lion.

1 Samuel 18:16

The more they saw him, the better they loved him. He was an active leader, and ever at his post. Diligence and perseverance command the esteem of the wise.

1 Samuel 18:30

Good conduct is the great thing in life. The Lord make us followers of him, who was greater than David, of whom it was said, “He hath done all things well.” Holy Spirit, fashion us in the image of our Lord, that he may be glorified in us.


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