“The Lord preserveth the simple.”

1 Samuel 18:3, 4

Saul’s fierce enmity was a sore trial to David, but the Lord found him a solace even in the kings family, for both his eldest son Jonathan and his daughter Michal loved David.

1 Samuel 18:3

Yet Jonathan knew that David was to be king, and that he himself would never wear the crown. His was disinterested affection, most beautiful to witness. Such ought to be our love for Jesus; we should be knit to him in bonds of purest love.

1 Samuel 18:4

Thus should we delight to strip ourselves for Jesus. Let him have all, for he deserves all.

1 Samuel 19:1, 4-18

1 Samuel 19:1

He was now worse than ever, or he would not have spoken to others to aid him in a dastardly murder. When God leaves a man, the devil comes to him.

1 Samuel 19:4, 5

Thus Jonathan proved himself a real friend. We ought always to be ready to speak up for those who are falsely condemned.

1 Samuel 19:6

Little however did his oath bind him. He was never in a good frame of mind long together. Envy cannot be quiet.

1 Samuel 19:10


“Not a single shaft can hit

Till the God of love thinks fit.”


We are safe anywhere while the Lord has work for us to do. Be it ours to live with the harp in our hand, praising God and blessing our fellowmen, and we shall be preserved from the javelins of our foes.

1 Samuel 19:16

We cannot admire Michal’s deceit, nor yet her having idols in her house. She was Saul’s daughter, and came of a bad stock. The Lord, however, overruled her love for David, so that the persecuted one escaped. God will preserve his own.


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