The Process of Belief

James 2:14-17

We express faith every single day, in all kinds of situations. We believe we’ll get to work safely, or we’d never get in the car. We believe our love will last for a lifetime, or we’d never get married. We believe our favorite chair will support our weight, or we’d never sit on it. Faith flows out of us all the time, even when it has nothing to do with God.

There is a process that shapes our beliefs—a progression that turns the hint of faith into measurable action. First, it begins in the mind. We think about the issue, nurse that thought, and visualize not only the need but also the solution.

Second, we begin to discuss the issue with other people and, hopefully, with the Lord. Talking through the matter with someone we trust is a way to better understand what is happening, collect fresh insights, and process the information.

Then, after discussing the matter, we come away with a better sense of what’s involved. This leads us to the third step, in which we take action. We must dosomething. If belief doesn’t produce a measurable result, then something has gone wrong, and we need to seek God’s help. Faith that never gets beyond the mind or conversation accomplishes nothing. But when the faith-building process results in action—no matter how simple—then we truly begin to see the power of the Lord displayed.

Are you struggling with a faith issue today? Prayerfully ask God to show you if you’ve gotten stuck somewhere in the process.

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