“Thou shalt guide me with thy counsel.”

1 Samuel 23:1-13

In the passage which we shall now read, we shall see an instance of David’s patriotism. Although he was persecuted in his own country, he did not cease from loving his nation, but took a deep interest in all that concerned it. When he found that the Philistines were plundering the granaries of Keilah, he marched with his little army against them.

1 Samuel 23:1-2

Here we see the deep religiousness of David: he would do nothing till he had waited upon God. O for more of this holy caution.

1 Samuel 23:3

Brave as they were, they judged this to be a rash enterprise, for they would have two enemies to fear—the Philistines and the soldiers of Saul. David listened to his men courteously, but he was not ruled by them. He turned to Ids God again for direction.

1 Samuel 23:5

This was a gallant action, and received a reward as far as the spoil of the Philistines was concerned, but the treachery of the people whom David had rescued from their enemies was disgraceful, and shews how base a thing is human nature.

1 Samuel 23:6

So that when banished from public worship at the tabernacle, the exiled hero was not without spiritual consolation, for the highpriest himself, and his breastplate of righteousness were with him. See how God provides for the faithful.

1 Samuel 23:7, 8

He ought to have honoured him for the eminent service he had rendered to the state, but malice is as a wolf greedy for the blood of its object.

1 Samuel 23:10

Observe David’s anxiety for the city rather than for himself Saul had destroyed Nob for sheltering him, and he might do the same to Keilah. Generous spirits cannot bear to bring evil upon others.

1 Samuel 23:11, 12

God so thoroughly knows men, that he can not only tell what they will do, but what they would do under certain circumstances. He knows us better than we know ourselves. Let us always consult his wisdom upon all occasions, and under his direction we shall not err.


Thou art near; yes, Lord, I feel it,

Thou art near where’er I move,

And though sense would fain conceal it,

Faith oft whispers it to love.


Then, my soul, since God doth love thee,

Faint not, droop not, do not fear;

Though his heaven is high above thee,

He himself is ever near!


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