Yes, Fight the good fight of faith

2 Samuel 5:17-25

David soon found that the honours of royalty brought with them toils and conflicts. It was true of him, as it is also of all believers, that he who would reign must fight.

2 Samuel 5:17, 18

Their success against Saul made them bold to attack David, for they knew not the essential difference between the two men. Saul, forsaken of God, was easily overcome; but David, upheld and strengthened by the Lord of Hosts, was a very different antagonist. It is vain to contend against a man who has God for his ally.

2 Samuel 5:19

David’s path was plain, but he desired to see God going before him in every step he took. No one ever lost his. way by enquiring too often. To seek the Lord’s guidance is never superfluous. Every member of our family should follow David’s example, and if we do so we shall walk in ways of peace all our days.

2 Samuel 5:20

David smote them, but he gave all the glory to the Lord. Grace is active and fights, but it is also humble and renders praise to him who gives the victory.

2 Samuel 5:20

Or “the master of the breaches,” because the Lord had broken the ranks of the enemy, and made a way for David to scatter them.

2 Samuel 5:21

As the Philistines had once captured the ark, so now the Israelites seized upon the idols of Philistia, and utterly destroyed them, both to shew their detestation, and to prevent their becoming a snare to Israel.

2 Samuel 5:24

When the wind rustled among the leaves of the trees, David was to regard it as a sign for battle. God gives to his waiting people hints as to when to bestir themselves more than usual; and surely, whenever we hear that the Spirit of God is moving like the wind through the churches it is time for us to arouse ourselves for sevenfold activity.

2 Samuel 5:25

If we do as the Lord commands us, he will command success to attend us.

Psalm 101

Thus, by successfully defeating the invading foe, David was firmly seated on his throne. How he resolved to act in his eminent position he tells us in—Psalm 101.


If thou see thy foe in need,

Haste with cheerful hand to feed;

House him, clothe him, grant him rest,

Bless him as thou wouldst be blest.


If thy foe be in thy hand,

Every vengeful thought withstand;

Let not anger’s sword be bared,

Spare him as thou wouldst be spared,


Oh praise ye the Lord

With heart and with voice;

His mercies record,

And round him rejoice.

Ye children of Zion,

Your Saviour adore!

And learn to rely on

His grace evermore.


Repose on his arm,

Ye sheep of his fold!

What terror can harm

With him to uphold?

His saints are his treasure,

Their peace will he seek;

And pour without measure

His gifts on the meek.


Go on in his might,

Ye men of the Lord:

His word be your light,

His promise your sword.

The king of salvation

Your foes will subdue;

And their degradation

Bring glory to you.


No, I shall envy them no more

Who grow profanely great,

Though they increase their golden store,

And rise to wondrous height.


Yes, you must bow your stately head,

Away your spirit flies,

And no kind angel near your bed,

To bear it to the skies.


Go now, and boast of all your stores,

And tell how bright they shine;

Your heaps of glittering dust are yours,

And my Redeemer’s mine.


If I must die, oh! let me die

With hope in Jesus’ blood—

The blood that saves from sin and guilt,

And reconciles to God.


If I must die, then let me die

In peace with all mankind,

And change these fleeting joys below

For pleasures all refined.


If I must die—and die I shall—

Let some kind seraph come,

And bear me on his friendly wing,

To my celestial home!


Lord, when I lift my voice to Thee,

To whom all praise belongs,

Thy justice and Thy love shall be

The subject of my songs.


All sinful ways I will abhor,

All wicked men forsake;

And only those who love Thy law

For my companions take.


Lord! that I may not go astray,

Thy constant grace impart;

When wilt Thou come to point my way.

And fix my roving heart?


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