“As for God, His ways is perfect.”

Psalm 18:30-50

We will now return to Psalm 18:30-50. and read from verse thirty to the end.

Psalm 18:30

the experience of all his people bears witness to this. Perfect wisdom, perfect truth, and perfect love, are to be seen in all that he does. Blessed be his name.

Psalm 18:30

tried, proved and tested, it has been, but it has never failed. This our soul knoweth right well

Psalm 18:30

And to us among them, feeble though our faith has been.

Psalm 18:32

Believers have a complete armour provided for them, of which the girdle of truth is a principal part.

Psalm 18:33

A believer’s feet are shod by a divine hand, the preparation of the gospel of peace makes him tread safely where others fall.

Psalm 18:34

In conflict, the believer’s hands are made mighty to break the enemy’s weapons by the force of truth.

Psalm 18:35

Above all, we are to take the shield of faith, which is of celestial workmanship, and quenches all the enemy’s fiery darts.

Psalm 18:36

Never let us forget that unless the Lord upheld us, we should fall as others have done, to our shame and ruin.

Psalm 18:39-42

David ascribes all his victories to his God. Note how often he repeats the word “Thou.” Thou, O Lord, hast done it all.

Psalm 18:43

The neighbouring nations submitted to David’s sway. When God is with us our enemies are at peace, or else they are powerless to harm us.

Psalm 18:50

As we read all this we should try to appropriate the expressions to ourselves, and personally bless the Lord for all the benefits which our own lives have witnessed. Has not the Lord done great things for us also? Shall we not also give thanks unto his name? Yes, verily, we will.


His be the “victor’s name,”

Who fought our fight alone;

Triumphant saints no honour claim;

His conquest was His own.


Sin, Satan, Death appear,

To harass and appal;

Yet since the gracious Lord is near,

Backward they go, and fall.


We meet them face to face,

Through Jesus’ conquest blest;

March in the triumph of His grace,

Right onward to our rest.


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