VIDEO God Speaks Through His Word

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Psalm 119:105

After flying thirty bombing missions during World War II, Tom Landry returned home to a career in professional football. In time, he became coach of the Dallas Cowboys. About that time a friend invited Landry to a Bible study breakfast. Though Landry attended church, he had little interest in the Bible; but he went because of his friend. The lesson was about the Sermon on the Mount, and Landry was intrigued by Matthew 6 and 7. He realized that despite his personal success, his heart was still restless. “I wondered if that was all there was to life,” he said.

Over time, Landry studied what God said in His Word about sin, death, salvation, and eternity. “I had always figured I was a pretty good person. Now here was the Bible saying I was as much a sinner as anyone in the world.” After months of pondering, Landry gave his life to Christ and, as he later said, his priorities changed from football, football, football, to God, family, football. His life came into focus.

Maybe you can invite someone like Landry to a Bible study. When people hear the Bible, they hear God loud and clear. Get out of the pocket and look for a receiver. And ask God to help you connect someone with His Word.

My relationship with Christ gives me a source of power I would not have otherwise…. power, and love and self-control. Tom Landry

Michael W. Smith & Amy Grant – Thy Word

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