Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven

Psalm 32

After David had obtained a sense of pardon, he sang that sweet gospel Psalm, the thirty-second.

Psalm 32:1

Yes, even a great sinner may be blessed. When his sin is effectually covered by the great propitiation, he is as blessed as if he had never sinned. Have all the members of this family tasted of this blessedness? Sin has cursed us all, has pardon blessed us all?

Psalm 32:2

He who is freed from guilt is also cleansed from guile or deceit. David had been very crafty in his endeavours to hide his crime, and he felt it a great relief to escape from the tortuous way of living which arises out of deceit.

Psalm 32:3, 4

While sin is unconfessed it ferments within the heart, and causes inward anguish; and when God’s hand presses from without, the awakened sinner is in a wretched plight indeed. Such are the feelings of all who seek the Lord, in a greater or less degree.

Psalm 32:5

Forgiveness followed on the heels of confession, for atonement was already made. Who among us will refuse to confess? Let us all acknowledge our sin before the Lord, and the blood of Jesus will put it all away, at once and for ever.

Psalm 32:6, 7

He who before he sought the Lord was compassed with sighs is now compassed with songs. If we would be happy we must be pardoned; if we would be pardoned, we must confess our iniquities, and look to Jesus who covers all our sin.

Psalm 32:8, 9

Forgiven men should be tender in heart, and fear to transgress again. We ought not to need rough means to keep us out of mischief, we ought to be sensitive to the faintest touch of the Lord’s hand.

Psalm 32:10, 11

Those who begin with holy weeping shall end with holy rejoicing. If there be one unforgiven one in this family, let him or her go to the. heavenly Father and cry for that gracious forgiveness which is given to all who believe in Jesus. It is not given as a reward of good works, or as the fruit of any efforts of our own; but as the free gift of God in Christ Jesus. Paul says that David here describes the blessedness of the man unto whom God imputeth righteousness without works, and he declares most plainly that it is not a matter of merit but of grace. The very worst and vilest sins will be freely and at once forgiven if we will confess them to the Lord, and trust in the infinite merits of his dear Son. Do not linger then, but fly at once to the open fountain.


In Christ I have believed,

And through the spotless Lamb

Grace and salvation have received:

In him complete I am.


My sins, my crimson stains,

Are blotted out each one;

No condemnation now remains!

God views me in his Son.


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