King also himself passed over the brook Kidron

2 Samuel 15:13-26

2 Samuel 15:13

This must have sounded like a thunderclap in the ear of David. While rejoicing in the belief that his son was religiously employed in paying his vows, the news of his rebellion was suddenly brought to him. David had rebelled against his God and king, and now he sees his own son in arms against him. How well had God kept his threatening that evil should arise to him out of his own house!

2 Samuel 15:14

The city could not be defended, for its walls were not built; therefore, David had prayed, “Build thou the walls of Jerusalem.”

2 Samuel 15:16, 17

He must needs go on foot, though his wicked son had horses: he took his family with him, for he was always a loving father, and would not leave them in danger. Who can tell the sorrow which filled poor David’s heart? God’s rod smote him heavily.

2 Samuel 15:18

and all the Cherethites or executioners

2 Samuel 15:18

and all the Pelethites or messengers

2 Samuel 15:18

These were his body-guard, and remained faithful when others deserted to the popular side. May we always adhere to our Lord Jesus, even though all the world should wander after the beast and the false prophet.

2 Samuel 15:19, 20

David was too generous to wish to bring troubles upon others; much as he needed Ittai’s help, he would not impose upon his kindness.

2 Samuel 15:21

After this true-hearted fashion we ought to follow Jesus.

2 Samuel 15:22

The Lord did not leave his servant quite alone, but found him friends in his need.

2 Samuel 15:23

The common people mourned with their king, and well they might. There was a yet sadder sight when Jesus, “the King, also himself passed over the brook Kidron.” O Lord, we see thee typified by David, and our hearts adore thee.

2 Samuel 15:24-26

He was jealous for the safety of the ark and the priests, and therefore would not have them exposed to the same dangers as himself. He was also deeply submissive to the Lord’s will, and thereby showed how much his trials had been sanctified to him. It is a blessed thing when the visitations, which God sends upon us for sin, bow us in lowly reverence and humble acquiescence at the Master’s feet. So may the Lord always bless our family afflictions to each one of us.


Jesus, whom angel hosts adore,

Became a man of griefs for me;

In love, though rich, becoming poor,

That I, through him, enrich’d might be.


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