Behold how he loved him

2 Samuel 18:24-33

While the great battle was raging in the wood, the aged king was anxiously watching for news.

2 Samuel 18:25

If there were many men running they would probably be fugitives from the fight, but one would naturally be a herald from the camp.

2 Samuel 18:26, 27

It is a great mercy when this can be said of the son of a priest. So it ought always to be, but so it is not always.

2 Samuel 18:29

There was the tender point in the father’s heart. If there be such love in an earthly father, how much greater is the affection of our heavenly Father! Surely he takes no delight in the death of any, but had rather that they should turn unto him and live.

2 Samuel 18:29

He had learned to hold his tongue. He was in no haste to grieve the king.

2 Samuel 18:32

The honest Ethiopian told his black news as fairly as he could, but a dagger went to the father’s heart as he heard it.

2 Samuel 18:33

Herein was love—great, vehement, passionate; but the love of Jesus to us was greater still; for he did not say, “Would God I had died for you,” but he has actually died that we might live. Oh love, amazing and incomprehensible! David weeping is a spectacle of love, but Jesus dying is more wonderful still!

2 Samuel 19:2, 4-8

2 Samuel 19:7

Joab was probably right, but his manner was rough and unfeeling. It is always well to speak gently, even when we are required to be firm.

2 Samuel 19:8

Thus a good end was answered by Joab’s harsh interference. Good men follow sound advice, even when it is wrongly presented: we must not act foolishly because our adviser speaks uncourteously.


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