Wait thou only upon God

Psalm 62

Another Psalm highly characteristic of David is—Psalm 62. which we are in the habit of calling the only Psalm, from its containing such frequent repetitions of the word only. David rejoiced to place his confidence in God “only.”

Psalm 62:1

Truly or as it is in the original only

Psalm 62:1

Our salvation in no measure or degree comes to us from any but the Lord; let us therefore depend alone upon him. If to wait on God be worship, to wait on the creature is idolatry; if to wait on God alone be true faith, to associate an arm of flesh with him is audacious unbelief, yet, how very few of us steer clear of these evils, and look to God alone.

Psalm 62:2

“Moved,” as one says, “but not removed.” Moved like a ship at anchor, which swings with the tide, but is not swept away by the current. Nothing stays the soul like a faith which leans alone on God. In faith it is good to have but one string to our bow, one pillar to our house.

Psalm 62:4

The world is full of flatterers, and these are plotters against our best prosperity: let us fly from then to the one only confidence of the saints. If we have God for us, who can be against us?

Psalm 62:5

Knock at no other door but that of thy God. God is one; let thy hopes look towards him alone. A single eye will fill thee with light.

Psalm 62:6-7

Notice how David brands his own initials upon every title which he rejoicingly gives to God, my expectation, my rock, my salvation, my glory, and so on. There are seven my’s in two verses, and there can never be too many. The faith which makes personal appropriation of divine blessings is the faith we all need.

Psalm 62:8

Ye to whom his love is revealed, reveal yourselves to him. Turn the vessel of your soul upside down in his presence, and let your inmost thoughts, desires, sorrows and sins be poured out like water. To keep our grief’s to ourselves is to hoard up wretchedness. Give your woe free course before the Lord, and its end is near.

Psalm 62:9

Men, whether great or small, are still but men, and men are dust. To trust in the many is folly, to rely upon the eminent few is madness; to depend upon the Lord alone is the only sanity.

Psalm 62:10

Here is a difficult precept, for worldly wealth is a slimy thing, and is too apt to cling to the heart. Perhaps this is the reason why so many of the saints are in poverty, because the Lord would spare them from being tempted by increasing riches. God only must be our rest, and not the treasures of time. Wealth is but wind if we make it our confidence.

Psalm 62:11

Not to men nor to their possessions may we look for power, that is the prerogative of God alone. Those are wise who look for help alone to him.

Psalm 62:12

He gives us strength equal to our day. Power is all his own, but he will render as much to us as our work requires. Let us seek it at his hands, and at his hands only.


Ever to the Saviour cling,

Trust in him and none beside:

Never let an earthly thing

Hide from thee the Crucified.


Ever cast on him thy care,

He invites thee so to do;

Never let thy soul despair,

He will surely help thee through.


Ever live as in the view

Of the day of glory, near;

Never be to Christ untrue,

Thou shalt soon his glory share.


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