The Lord reigneth and let the earth rejoice

1 Kings 4:22-34

Solomon by his wisdom brought great prosperity to his tuition, and made the country the centre of trade and commerce. His royal establishment was conducted upon the most sumptuous scale.

1 Kings 4:22, 23

But what is this compared with the provision which loads the table of the King of kings, by whose bounty all the saints are fed?

1 Kings 4:25

So, too, where Jesus rules peace reigns undisturbed.

1 Kings 4:26

This was a forbidden luxury, for the Hebrew kings were commanded not to multiply horses. In this Solomon erred.

1 Kings 4:27-34

See how well the Lord fulfilled his promise. He gave him wisdom in no stinted measure.

1 Kings 10:14, 15, 18-23

1 Kings 10:14, 15

He built stations for the caravans, and received a toll of the merchants, besides gaining great wealth by purchasing the produce of the East, and selling it to the Western nations.

1 Kings 10:18-20

But how much mere glorious will be the throne of our Lord in the day of his appearing!

1 Kings 10:21-23

Thus again the promise was fulfilled, and wealth followed wisdom. Who would not trust so faithful a God?


Behold your King, your Saviour crown’d

With glories all divine;

And tell the wondering nations round

How bright those glories shine.


Infinite power and boundless grace

In him unite their rays;

You, that have e’er beheld his face,

Can you forbear his praise?


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