Ye are the temple of the living God

1 Kings 5:1-11, 13-18

1 Kings 5:1

Fast friends are rare. It was a happy thing for Solomon that his father bequeathed him, the love of so useful an ally.

1 Kings 5:3

Like a good son who honoured his father, he does not say that David could not build the temple because he had shed blood, but because he was busy with wars. We ought always to speak the best things of parents.

1 Kings 5:6

The tabernacle, which was temporary, could be erected by Jews only; but the temple, which was to be permanent, is not built without the aid of Gentiles. Jews and Gentiles together make up the church which is the temple of God.

1 Kings 5:7, 8

We ought to weigh well what we promise, and then we shall be the more likely to be true to our word. It is well when our second thoughts are full of liberality towards the cause of God.

1 Kings 5:9

Palestine was a fruitful agricultural country, and thus Solomon would do Hiram a service by paying him in provisions.

1 Kings 5:10

When God’s house is to be built, he will surely find all that is needful for it.

1 Kings 5:11, 13-17

Even the foundation stones were not rugged and rough, but hewn and costly. God would have everything which is done for him done well. He careth not so much for that which meets the eye of man, he delights himself with the beauty of those living stones of his spiritual temple which are hidden away from observation.

1 Kings 5:18

So the stones and timbers came to their places prepared, and no sound of axe or hammer was heard. Here below the fitting us for heaven is a work of toil and noise, but in heaven all will be rest and quietness. May the Lord prepare us to be built into his temple above.


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