God hath blessed the for ever

Psalm 45

Let us read Psalm 45.

A Psalm in which Solomon is just visible in the background as a type, but the Lord Jesus fills the foreground in the fulness of loveliness and majesty.

Psalm 45:1

No matter can be so good as that which boils up from a warm heart, and has for its subject the King of saints’. The psalmist resolves also to speak only of that which he had made or experienced, for then he felt he could speak fully, deliberately, and wisely, with all the accuracy and force of an accomplished writer. O to have our hearts warm whenever Jesus is the theme! Could we speak of things which we have made our own concerning King Jesus? The question deserves an answer.

Psalm 45:2

He speaks as though he saw the Well-beloved One. The psalmist falls into raptures at the sight. He hears hint speak, and adores him. We shall do the same if he will but reveal himself to us.

Psalm 45:4

This should be our prayer. O Immanuel, the mighty prince, put forth thy power and subdue men to thyself. As Solomon reigned over wide dominions, so also reign thou, O most sweet Prince.

Psalm 45:5

His gospel pierces men’s hearts, and subdues them to his love.

Psalm 45:7

See the divine and human natures here blended in one person. As man the Lord Jesus has his fellows, but as God his throne is for ever and ever. Let us make no mistake upon this vital point, but believe in Jesus as God and man.

Psalm 45:9

The church is arrayed in the best of the best, the righteousness of God. How lovely she is in the loveliness of Jesus!

Psalm 45:10, 11

The church must be unworldly, and seek first the kingdom of God. Such must each one of us be, and then all other things shall be added unto us, as the next verse teaches.

Psalm 45:12-16

The Lord grant that in this house there may be kept up a gracious succession. May pious sons follow godly fathers, and may the King of our hearts have servants in this family as long as the world stands.

Psalm 45:17

Jesus can never be forgotten. Solomon is not, but Jesus lives on and reigns on, and shall do for ever and ever; blessed be his name.


The King of saints, how fair his face,

Adorn’d with majesty and grace!

He comes with blessings from above,

And wins the nations to his love.


Let endless honours crown his head;

Let every age his praises spread;

While we with cheerful songs approve

The condescensions of his love.


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