Yea, He is altogether lovely

Canticles (Song of Songs)  5:2-16

We will again read in the Song, giving the language in its correct form. The bride hears the Bridegroom knocking at her door, but she excuses herself from rising to admit him, and acts as unkindly to him, as, alas, we too often have done to our Lord Jesus. The whole story is rehearsed in choicest song in—

the bride

Canticles 5:2

Observe her indolent excuses. How cruel she is to her friend! How selfish! How self-indulgent! Have we not cause to blush, as in her conduct we see our own?

Canticles 5:3-8

Although the spouse had been sadly negligent, and so had grieved her Lord, and made him hide his face from her, yet she still loved him, and therefore was intensely earnest to find him again. She hoped that perhaps her Lord would listen to others, even if he closed his ear for a while to her, and therefore she begged the daughters of Jerusalem to speak to him on her behalf When we are in darkness, the prayers of our brethren may be of great service to us.

The song represents the Daughters of Jerusalem as saying—

Canticles 5:9

To this enquiry the Bride replies—


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