The Richest Person In Babylon

In an upside down world, where lunatics often reign, and personal safety remains uncertain; where calamity looms from every quarter, and I am incessantly bombarded and lied to by media and marketing “spin doctors”, God’s Word stands firm as the one stronghold upon which I can stake my life. Fathom this:

  • The law of the Lord is perfect… ” (blameless, complete, unblemished, intact). Can you think of anything in your world that can begin to compete with that claim? I can’t. And the effect of that truth upon my life?

It “restores (turns back, recalls) my soul,” which is prone toward seduction, wandering and duplicity.

  • The statutes of the Lord are trustworthy” (faithful, lasting, firm, established. Like a door post). What, let me ask you, in our defective world, can you point to that is “trustworthy”? Precious little, I would guess. And the effect of that truth upon my life?

It makes the “simple (the easily seduced, silly, foolish [Hey! That’s me!]) exceedingly wise.”


I don’t know about you, but in this world of charlatans, nutzoid fruitcakes and wolves, I need His exceeding wisdom to make it through life’s variegated minefields. (Matthew 10:16; James 1:5-8)

  • The precepts of the Lord are right” (straight). No devious doublespeak here, because His Word never wavers. It can be counted on. (Joshua 21:45) And the effects of that truth upon my life?

It “rejoices” the heart. That is, it is an influence that makes me glad. Even gleesome!


Again, in a world of terrorists, downsizing, gyrating currencies, car bomb explosions, and the specter of global warming, isn’t it nice to know that there is a source that can cheer my shopworn soul?

  • The Word of God is “more precious than goldsweeter than honey.” And the effects of that truth upon my life?

I am warned and greatly rewarded. (See Proverbs 3:16-18; 6:22, 23; Psalm 119)


So, my fellow pilgrim, are you regularly immersing your easily bartered, battered soul into the ocean of His love? A love that is revealed to us through unrushed, attentive, and prayerful processing of His Truth? If so, you are indeed THE RICHEST PERSON IN BABYLON!





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