God Himself is with us for our Captain

2 Chronicles 13:1-16, 18, 20

While the new kingdom of the ten tribes was under the sway of Jeroboam, Rehoboam died and was succeeded by his son.

2 Chronicles 13:3

Who can imagine the horrors of a civil war conducted upon such a scale as this. Surely every male in the two nations must have been draughted into one or other of the armies. Blessed are we in this matter since no alarms of war are heard in our streets. May the Lord cause wars to cease unto the ends of the earth.

2 Chronicles 13:4-8

It was wise on Abijah’s part so to state the cause of battle. When it is a question between God and golden calves the. result of the dispute is certain.

2 Chronicles 13:10-12

This was a worthy speech, and very commendable as intended to prevent bloodshed. We cannot be sure that Abijah was a spiritual man, but he and the nation of Judah as yet held to the worship of Jehovah, and therefore had the Lord on their side.

2 Chronicles 13:13

Jeroboam was not a man of words, but of deeds, and was surrounding his foe while Abijah was delivering his oration.

2 Chronicles 13:14-16

Praying and praising are noble weapons; no wonder that the Lord interposed when his people drew him into the fight by their two hands of pleading and blessing.

2 Chronicles 13:20

He was made to feel at last how unequal was his conflict with God, yet he persevered in it, and died impenitent, leaving the divine curse as a legacy to his descendants. May the good Lord save us from such an end.


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