If ye seek him he will be found of you

2 Chronicles 15:1-17

2 Chronicles 15:2

While they were flushed with victory it was a fit time to remind them where their great strength lay, and urge them to continue in obedience while the rewards of it were before their eyes. The prophet did not congratulate and flatter the monarch, but impressed upon him his obligations to the Lord, who had so greatly favoured him. Ministers are not sent to please us, but to profit us.

2 Chronicles 15:3-7

It was matter of plain history that the condition of the people depended entirely upon their fidelity to God. They made or unmade their own fortunes. Have we not also learned by this time that we are happy when we live near to God, and are in an evil case when we backslide from him? Let us lay this fact to heart.

2 Chronicles 15:8

The best swept room will bear cleansing again, and therefore Asa made another and further investigation and reformation, for idolators here and there had kept up their idols by stealth, but down they must go at this second search.

2 Chronicles 15:14, 15

The people were great at promising, but slow in performing; their hearts were fickle, and what they resolved upon one day with great enthusiasm they forgot the next, and were again mad upon their idols. How much were they like ourselves!

2 Chronicles 15:16

This was a masterstroke; he deposed the queen-mother and demolished her idol in the most ignominious manner. The king would not connive at sin in those nearest and dearest to him. It must have caused him much pain, but he loved his God too well to shrink from the deed.

2 Chronicles 15:17

Even in the best work there is a flaw, which has to be spoken of with a “but.” The false gods were put down, but the unauthorized altars to the true God were still untouched. This may be thought to be a lesser evil, but it had been better to have gone through with the work. It was well, however, that in heart and intention Asa was sound before God.



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