Shall not God avenge his own elect

1 Kings 21:1-16

1 Kings 21:3

Naboth did not refuse to sell his vineyard merely because of a natural attachment to the inheritance of his fathers, but because the law of God forbade such a sale. The land might not be transferred from one tribe to another. Naboth knew this law, and bravely resolved to obey it.

1 Kings 21:4

Acting like a spoiled, self-willed child, he fumed and fretted because he could not have his way. How miserable are men who have not learned to bridle their desires.

1 Kings 21:7

An imperious woman is a fit tool for the Evil One. Ahab was bad enough, but he was a mere novice in evil compared with his fierce Sidonian queen. Bad women are often very bad, even as good women are the best of the human race.

1 Kings 21:13

Both the nobles and the witnesses were utterly devoid of honesty; they were willing and apt disciples of the vicious court of Jezebel.

1 Kings 21:14

A cold-blooded message indeed. Murder was in their eyes a trifle, yet these very men had just celebrated a fast. Superstition has no conscience.

1 Kings 21:16

He claimed it as a forfeit to the crown for Naboth’s alleged treason, but how could he have looked for a blessing upon it? Never let us dare to take to ourselves anything unjustly, for it will be a curse to us.


Rest in the Lord and keep his way,

Nor let thine anger rise,

Though providence should long delay

To punish haughty vice.


Thine innocence shall God display

And make his judgments known

Fair as the light of dawning day,

And glorious as the noon.


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