What concord hath Christ with Belial


1 Kings 22:1-9, 13, 14, 28, 30-35, 37, 38

1 Kings 22:1

This seems to be noted as a remarkably long season of rest. To what a wretched state must the poor but sinful people have been reduced by perpetual war. Scarcely a family could have escaped either plunder or the loss of its father and sons.

1 Kings 22:4

Alas, that a good man should so readily make a league with an idolator.

1 Kings 22:6

False prophets are always plentiful, for the business pays.

1 Kings 22:8

This was far too mild a rebuke, but evil communications lower the tone of the best men.

1 Kings 22:9, 13

This was a base attempt to pervert the prophet, but he was a true disciple of Elijah, and could not be turned aside.

1 Kings 22:14, 28

He spake like a man of God, and called on all around to bear him witness.

1 Kings 22:30

Thus in a dastardly manner he exposed his friend to screen himself. Bad companions will not hesitate to compass our ruin if it will answer their purpose.

1 Kings 22:32, 33

This was a special deliverance, for we are told in the Chronicles that God moved them to depart from him. His great peril must have made him feel the evil of his association with Ahab.

1 Kings 22:34, 35, 37, 38

That chance arrow was guided by divine vengeance, and every syllable of Elijah’s threatening proved true. Who would not fear thee, thou just and holy God!


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