The iron did swim

2 Kings 4:38-44

2 Kings 4:38

Though there was nothing to put in the pot except a very little meal, the man of God was persuaded that the Lord would send provision, and therefore ordered the pot to be placed on the fire in readiness. We have heard of one who had no bread and much faith; and therefore after prayer he caused the cloth to be laid, to show his practical belief that the Lord would send supplies: such faith Elisha had.

2 Kings 4:39

Unbelief is vainly active: this person could not wait for the Lord to fill the pot, but must needs come to the Lord’s assistance, and so did mischief Faith does better with her patient waiting than mistrust with her vain activity.

2 Kings 4:41

Thus for every evil the Lord finds an antidote. In the great cauldron of society at this moment there are deadly evils, such as ritualism and infidelity: the way to counteract their pernicious influence is to cast in the meal of gospel truth until the error is neutralised by the wonder-working grace of God.

2 Kings 4:42

or rather—in his scrip

2 Kings 4:42

Elisha’s faith had enabled him to believe that God could provide when there was nothing in the house; and therefore he was convinced that divine power could multiply their slender store now that they had a little in hand.

2 Kings 4:44

We are to use what we have, and God will give us more. As our needs so shall our supply be, for we are promised strength equal to our days.

2 Kings 6:1-7

2 Kings 6:3

His company would cheer them, and his holy conversation would improve them: they loved him, and therefore desired to have him with them; he loved them, and therefore consented to join them in their labours.

2 Kings 6:5

He was poor, and had been compelled to borrow; he was honest, and was doubly grieved to lose what had been lent to him.

2 Kings 6:6

Yes, and God can still make iron swim; things impossible to us are possible to him. Out of every difficulty Omnipotence can bring us, only let us in childlike confidence cast our burden upon the Lord. Whatever our family trial may be, the Lord will help us through it.

2 Kings 6:7

Joyful enough was this son of the prophets. May we have like work, like society, like faith, and like joy.


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