The Strength of Israel will not lie

2 Kings 7:1-17

Some time after the cure of Naaman, the king of Syria besieged Samaria and reduced the people to such famine that mothers ate their own children. At last Elisha was permitted to assure the miserable people of deliverance.

2 Kings 7:2

He was profane as well as unbelieving. This sarcasm was a specimen of his usual sneers at the Lord and his prophet.

2 Kings 7:6, 7

If the Lord wills it, the most valiant foes of his church will run away like frightened hares. Why should we fear those who so soon become afraid of themselves?

2 Kings 7:8-13

God’s promise was forgotten or smothered in its effect by their fears; however they did well to send and see. Some will not take the trouble even to look when a blessing is given, they feel so certain that it cannot be possible.

2 Kings 7:14-16

God’s word was fulfilled to the penny and to the hour.

2 Kings 7:17

Providence fulfills the threats as well as the promises of heaven: the fine flour is sold, and the infidel nobleman is crushed. Dreadful will it be if any one of us should perish after the same example of unbelief, yet we shall do so if we see the blessings of the gospel all around us and lose them ourselves from want of faith.


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