VIDEO A New Year’s Verse – “Forgiveness”

At the beginning of the year…the hand of the Lord was upon me.Ezekiel 40:1

Whew! How did we make it through the past year with its challenges, heartaches, blessings, opportunities, and distresses? If the old year worried you, don’t take your anxieties into the new one. If the holidays exhausted you, pause long enough to thank God for mercies that never cease.

Think of Ezekiel. At the beginning of the year, when Ezekiel was reeling from news that Jerusalem had fallen to the Babylonians, God touched him. The Lord lifted him up and transported him by revelation into the future. Ezekiel saw what God is preparing for days to come, and the prophet was so overwhelmed it required the rest of his book—Ezekiel 40-48—to describe the glories he saw.

God’s revealed promises will take us through time and into the future. You can trust Him with the coming year, with all the years of life, and with the endless ages of eternity. Here on the eve of a new year, the hand of God is on us.

The name of this millennial city will be The Lord is there—a tremendous promise given to Hebrew exiles who must have wondered if the Lord would ever be with them again. From The Jeremiah Study Bible

Ben-Hur “Forgiveness”


Jan 8, 2017

Forgiveness. To me the ultimate virtue! We have to learn to forgive, as we have to learn to forget, this action, simply will lead our soul to our Father’s arms! We all do mistakes, we all at some point, pull away our loved ones. Clearly, this isn’t the solution, our Lord did forgive the mankind, for all the torturing, all the suffering, all our actions lead Him in cross and His crucifixion. Let’s open our heart and welcome back everyone who hurt us, without dilemmas and second thoughts, let’s leave everything in past and show the hidden light of our soul to every one of us!

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