Are there not with you sins against the Lord?”

2 Chronicles 28:5-15

Ahaz rejected the message of the Lord by Isaiah—

2 Chronicles 28:5

His enemies, though they could not take Jerusalem, were suffered by God to devastate the country, and so Ahaz gathered bitter fruit from trusting in man. The king of Assyria was slow in coming to his help, and meanwhile the confederate princes despoiled him.

2 Chronicles 28:7

So that judgment came home to the king, and death was busy in his own household; a due reward for passing others of his children through the fire to Moloch.

2 Chronicles 28:8

All suffered for the common sin, for “the children gathered wood, and the fathers kindled the fire, and the women kneaded dough to make cakes for the queen of heaven, and to pour out drink-offerings unto other gods, to provoke the Lord to anger.” God has ways of punishing sinners of all ages.

2 Chronicles 28:9, 10

With holy courage he confronted the host in the name of God who sent him,

2 Chronicles 28:9, 10

A humbling question for any of us when we are severe upon others. Is there no beam in our own eye? Why, then, are we so censorious concerning the mote in our brother’s eye?

2 Chronicles 28:11, 13

The prophet’s expostulation was thus backed up by some of the leading men, and speedily had a most delightful effect. If all who hold positions of influence would support the Lord’s servants by co-working with their ministry, a world of good would be effected.

2 Chronicles 28:15

This is one of the happiest incidents in the gloomy history of the ten tribes. It shewed a tenderness little to be expected, and makes us the more deeply regret that they had not grace enough to throw down the calves, and turn unto the Lord. Fine actions are sometimes performed by ungodly men, just as one now and then sees a lovely rose blooming upon a dunghill.


Lord, we all look up to thee,

As one favoured family;

May all strife between us cease,

As we love thee, Prince of Peace.


Free from all that hearts divide,

Let us all in love abide;

All the power of grace express,

All the heights of holiness.


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