To whom then will ye liken to God?

Isaiah 40:12-31

While Ahaz was setting up his idols the eloquent rebukes of Isaiah were remembered by the godly remnant. With what energy does he extol the Lord and denounce all attempts to set him forth by symbols.

Isaiah 40:12-18

To confound idolaters, the prophet describes the process of god-making, that he may shame them out of such foolish worship.

Isaiah 40:19

The workman melteth or carveth

Isaiah 40:19

Think of worshipping a piece of wood plated by the goldsmith, which needs to be fastened in its place lest it fall or be stolen! Is not this insanity?

Isaiah 40:24

The greatest empires wither when God forbids their prospering; is he, then, like to an image of wood?

Isaiah 40:26

Let every star rebuke the worshipper of wood and stone.

Isaiah 40:31

Be it ours, then, to trust the unseen Lord, and never shall we fail. Glorious Lord, we believe; help thou our unbelief.


Fear not, nor longer be dismayed,

Lo, I, the mighty God, am nigh;

Thou shalt, each moment, feel my aid,

If thou wilt on mine arm rely.


Why shouldst thou fear, when I am thine—

When all I am, I am for thee?

If thou art weak, my strength divine

Is perfect in infirmity.


Without my help thou canst not stand,

But thee I will not leave alone;

I’ll hold thee up by my right hand,

Till thou shalt reach my heavenly throne.


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