His place of defence shall be the munitions of rocks

Isaiah 33:1, 2, 7-24

How gloriously did Isaiah speak at this time; let us read his eloquent words—Isaiah 33:1, 2; 7-24.

Isaiah 33:1

Assyria had gained power by treachery, and by treachery she should fall.

Isaiah 33:7

The Assyrian king refused all terms of peace, and made valiant men weep for fear, at the remembrance of his power and cruelty.

Isaiah 33:9

Devastation and desolation followed the invaders track.

Isaiah 33:12

At God’s rebuke the mighty adversary would be consumed, consumed by his own fury, gone like thorns in the fire.

Isaiah 33:14

Their terror at Sennacherib led them to enquire how they could endure the yet greater wrath of God, whose wrath is like a fire which devours, and yet burns on. Everlasting burnings are more to be feared than death itself; be it our great business to escape from them. The righteous were at ease while the hypocrites were alarmed, and so we read—

Isaiah 33:17

Hezekiah came forth in his robes again, and the people, being free from the invader, could travel as far abroad as they chose.

Isaiah 33:19

The proud Assyrian engineers and accountants were disappointed, and his harsh-speaking soldiery came not near the city.

Isaiah 33:22

They had all the advantages of broad rivers without being exposed to attacks by vessels of war, for the Lord was with them. Not so Assyria, for its state was like a vessel in a storm.

Isaiah 33:24

Jerusalem healed, restored, forgiven, was blessed indeed. Such blessings have all the saints.


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