Wherewith shall I come before the Lord

Micah 4

Micah also came forward to support Isaiah’s testimony. Quite a company of holy seers shone forth like stars in the evening of Judah’s history. In the chapter which we are about to read, Micah’s far-seeing eye beheld the Lord Jesus in the glory of the latter days.

Micah 4:1, 2

God reserves his best things to the last. In Messiah’s days the true faith and the true church will have wide dominion; that which the material temple typified shall be fully revealed and reverenced far and wide.

Micah 4:4

For this unbroken peace we sigh; it will not come by means of civilisation, commerce and moral advancement: Jesus alone is the world’s Peacemaker.

Micah 4:7

From the poor relics of the Jewish nation we have received the gospel, and so in a spiritual sense mount Zion triumphs in her reigning Lord.

Micah 4:9, 10

Jerusalem was troubled sorely, but good would come of it; the people would be carried into Babylon, but God would deliver them. While Jesus lives, his church is safe.

Micah 4:11, 12

Faith beholds her enemies as sheaves for her to thresh, and by divine help she treads them down. We are more than conquerors, through our loving God.


No strife shall vex Messiah’s reign

Or mar those peaceful years;

To ploughshares men shall beat their swords,

To pruning-hooks their spears.


No longer hosts encountering hosts,

Their millions slain deplore;

They hang the trumpet in the hall,

And study war no more.


Come, then! oh come from every land,

To worship at his shrine,

And, walking in the light of God,

With holy beauties shine.


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