Thou art my God, I will exalt thee

Psalm 118

It would appear from the chapter which we last read that the singers at the founding of the temple sang—Psalm 118.

Psalm 118:1-5

Out of the Babylonish captivity had they come to the freedom of their own land, beneath the patronage of Cyrus.

Psalm 118:7

For there were such: the Samaritans and other envious neighbours looked on with jealous eyes.

Psalm 118:8-12

Faith is more than a conqueror, and sings a song of victory before the battle is over.

Psalm 118:17

Israel was not quite dead: the nation would yet revive: even in her ashes lived her wonted fires.

Psalm 118:23

Thus, as they looked on their once despised leader, they were led to sing in mystic prophecy of Jesus, the Messiah, who is now to us our chief corner-stone.

Psalm 118:26

They blessed the priest, and the priest returned the benediction, and then they proceeded to sacrifice.

Psalm 118:27-29

Let us treasure up this golden sentence, and when we are in any difficulty or trouble let us at once repair to Him, whose mercy endureth for ever.


Praise ye the Lord, how kind, how nigh!

His mercy fills eternity.

Let Israel now adoring cry,

“His mercy fills eternity.”


Let Aaron’s line new anthems try,

“His mercy fills eternity,”

Who fear the Lord, sing deep and high,

“His mercy fills eternity.”


Thou art my God, ’tis thee I praise;

My Lord, on high thy name. I raise;

Praise to the Lord, for good is he,

“His mercy fills eternity.”


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