Faulty Wiring

Then He spoke a parable to them, that men always ought to pray and not lose heart. Luke 18:1

Bryan Chapell received a call from a family asking him to pray about a house they wanted. It was perfect for them, and Chapell prayed with them over the phone. But the realtor called with bad news. Someone else had offered a higher price. The couple lost heart and wondered why God hadn’t answered their prayers. But later the building inspector found the house full of dangerous mold and faulty wiring. Another house became available that provided for the family, and a lesson was learned. As Chapell put it: “Persistent prayer in the face of initial disappointment can become the instrument of divine nurture.”

Problems present opportunities that demand decision. Where do we turn for counsel to make good decisions? Turn to God! When we pray about the situations that concern us, we’re opening them to His providence, and He will guide those who pray and don’t lose heart.

We grow to trust God more by seeing that often he prepares something better than our initial prayers did (or could) request. In fact God’s greatest gifts may come through prayers that seem to be unanswered. Bryan Chapell

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