The Lord shall fight for you

Zechariah the prophet was a fellow-worker with Haggai, and aided him in bringing about the completion of the temple. His prophecy is full of visions, and worthy of our careful study.

Zechariah 1:1-13, 18-21

Zechariah 1:7, 8

He saw the Lord of providence, attended by his ministering spirits, surveying the kingdoms. The red horses probably represented distress and war; the speckled, mingled events; and the white, times of prosperity.

Zechariah 1:10, 11

He who guards his church, which he calls his myrtle, summons his servants to give in their account of what is going on upon the face of the earth, and they report a general peace.

Zechariah 1:12

Would not poor Israel share in the wide-spread peace? Her intercessor does not forget to plead for her.

Zechariah 1:13

Yes, better times were in store, and the Lord declared their coming.

but these are come to fray or fright

Zechariah 1:13

God will always find men to do his work; there were horns to be cut off, and here are the carpenters or artificers. God will always find the right sort of men: they were smiths, not fishermen: and he will always find enough men, for as there were four horns, so are there four smiths to beat them to pieces. Empires which have opposed the Lord have been crushed to powder, and so will it always be: no power can stand against the Lord of Hosts. Are we upon his side? Have we believed in his Son Jesus? If so, none can harm us; but if not, his wrath will overthrow us.

To be sung or read


Through all thy works thy wisdom shines,

And baffles Satan’s deep designs;

Thy power is sovereign to fulfil

The noblest counsels of thy will.


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