If ye have bitter envying in your hearts, glory not

Esther 5

The three days of prayer and fasting were over, and the time came for Esther to risk all, and go in unto the king unbidden, and plead for her nation.

Esther 5:1

These kings affected great state, and, partly to impress their people with awe, and partly for their own safety, none dared approach them on peril of their lives, if they had not been expressly called. For Israel’s sake Esther encountered this mortal danger.

Esther 5:3

She had good speed at the outset. If we will but act boldly, the Lord will help us.

Esther 5:4-8

Either she had not yet the courage to speak out, or else she wisely judged that her influence over the king needed to be strengthened before it would outweigh that of the cunning favourite.

Esther 5:9

Sternly would Mordecai gaze upon him, viewing him now with utter abhorrence, as intending to murder all the Jews.

Esther 5:12, 13

Pride is a pitiful thing, and so hungry that all the world cannot satisfy it if some one little matter go amiss.

Esther 5:14

He was such a favourite that he had only to ask and have, so that he would make short work with sulky Mordecai. Next morning he would go to court and get the kings warrant for the man’s execution. We shall see what happened.


But no such rigid law we fear,

Who to the King of kings draw near,

Boldly approach his gracious throne,

And freely our requests make known.


Beyond the inner court we press,

Enter within the holiest place;

Sure to obtain the peace of God,

And all we ask through Jesus’ blood.


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