The builders, every one had his sword girded by his side

Nehemiah 4:1-9, 11-15, 17-21

Nehemiah 4:1, 2

Mockery has always been the favourite weapon of ungodly men. In this case Sanballat scoffed at the zealous eagerness of the people. “See,” said he, “they work as if a city could be built in a day.” That which was eminently to their honour he made the theme of his jeering—a very common habit to this day.

Nehemiah 4:3

This bird of the same feather sang the same note. He scoffed because he was afraid.

Nehemiah 4:4, 5

A prayer more after the spirit of the law than the gospel. It is full of Nehemiah’s zeal for right, but lacks the gentleness of Jesus.

Nehemiah 4:9

Cromwell bade his soldiers trust in God, and keep their powder dry. Nehemiah was equally practical.

Nehemiah 4:11

They intended to take them by surprise, but in this they were foiled.

Nehemiah 4:12

It was well done of these outlying Jews to warn their brethren so often; they acted as sentinels.

Nehemiah 4:13, 14

He set before them the terribleness of God as a reason for having no terror of men. “Fear him, ye saints, and ye will then have nothing else to fear.”

Nehemiah 4:15

They lost no time in holidays and congratulations; they were in earnest, and kept to their business.

Nehemiah 4:17, 18

So must Christians both labour and fight, watch and pray, build up the good, and guard against the evil.

Nehemiah 4:19, 20

Here was the best reason for courage. If God be for us, who can be against us? O God, our God, fight for us this day!

Nehemiah 4:21

In God’s work we may well make long days. Time is short, and the Lord’s work deserves all our strength.


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