My word shall not return unto Me void

Matthew 13:1-23

Matthew 13:1, 2

A most delightful instance of out-of-door preaching, of which the more the better, for without it great numbers of our fellowmen will never hear the gospel. The natural objects around him no doubt supplied the Lord with his illustrations, and these were so homely and full of meaning, that they arrested the attention of all.

Matthew 13:3, 4

the way side on the trodden pathway

Matthew 13:5, 6

Some fell upon stony places or spots where the rock was near the surface

Matthew 13:11

Carnal minds foolishly put a literal meaning upon expressions which are evidently figurative, and so discern not the meaning. To understand the gospel is a gift of divine grace.

Matthew 13:12-15

Those who will not see may expect to fall into such a state that they cannot see.

Matthew 13:23

Four bad soils are mentioned, and only one which is good. A lesson to us to examine ourselves carefully, lest we be found barren.


Sow in the morn thy seed,

At eve hold not thy hand;

To doubt and fear give thou no heed;

Broadcast it o’er the land!


Thou canst not toil in vain:

Cold, heat, and moist, and dry

Shall foster and mature the grain,

For garners in the sky.


Then, when the glorious end,

The day of God, shall come,

The angel reapers shall descend,

And heaven sing, “Harvest home!”


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